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Today’s youth is really very health conscious and pay strong attention to their mental as well as physical health. A healthy body is the best house for a healthy mind. To make our body healthy we have to continuously monitor our health for such a complicated task there are a lot of fitness bands available in the market for Fitness Band To Buy. Today we are talking about the best fitness bands available for people.

  1. Mi Smart Band 5-1.1 Amoled color display

After gaining a massive response for the MI smart band 4 Xiaomi launches MI Smart band 5 which is as appealing as all other MI products. MI smart band 5 is one of the leading products in the fitness band category.

MI Popular Fitness Band To Buy 2021

This is an excellent product at 2499 which sets a benchmark for fitness trackers at such an affordable price. It has a large and multifunctional display such as a dedicated women’s health tracker, stress monitoring, remote shutter, breathing exercises, and Personal Activity Intelligence (PAI) Index to assist users to assess their overall fitness. this is the first time when XIAOMI introduced magnetic charging on its fitness band which makes it more popular.

  • Large dynamic AMOLED color display: Large display makes everything much easier to see and provides great and smooth handling. Every little thing on one screen much bigger and much brighter than others.
  • Magnetic charging: This is the much-needed evolution for fitness bands. This technology eliminates the need to remove the capsule from the strap for charging.
  • Two-weeks long battery life: The battery is really good and runs for two weeks on continued usage and three weeks on battery saver mode.
  • 24-hour continuous heart rate monitoring: A healthy heart is the most important part of a healthy body. This band monitors heart rate 24 hours continuously.
  • Personal Activity Intelligence: This device is your personal health assistant which keeps a record of all your health in different categories.


  • Excellent battery life
  • Available in different color straps to match your lifestyle
  • Stress monitoring and menstrual cycle tracking
  • Different exercising mood


  • Design is not much different from previous models
  • PAI (Personal Activity Intelligence ) strains the battery.
  • Call alerts are not consistent
  • Big display slightly uncomfortable

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  1. OnePlus Band:1.1

This is the first fitness band from one plus. The OnePlus Band is also priced at Rs. 2,499, which pits it against the Xiaomi Mi Band 5 but the main attention seeker feature of this band is SPo2 tracking which is a very helpful health metric to track. This tiny rectangular screen is vivid and gets plenty bright within the sun, though you’ve got to probe the settings to access manual brightness controls.

Oneplus Popular Fitness Band To Buy 2021

  • Dual-color strap: These dual-color strap combos make this band much attractive and make it suitable for every occasion. This makes it more stylish than other fitness bands. You can choose from formal, casual, and cool available options
  • 24/7 health companion and SPO2: Blood Oxygen level is one of the most important parts to measure For overall health measure and wellbeing. It measures how much oxygen is absorbed by your body and how much oxygen is needed. This band tracks your blood oxygen saturation (SpO2) level via red and infrared sensors.
  • Water-resistant yet irresistible: Rated 5ATM and IP68, the band is waterproof up to 50 meters for 10 minutes⁸. It’s dust-resistant too, so it’s perfect for exploring the outside. Stay cool and appearance cool whenever you wear your OnePlus Band.
  • Easy accessibility: Access key mobile features directly from your wrist like music, camera shutter controls, call-message notifications, and many more. Phone notifications are synced at once, and that they are nicely displayed, complete with custom app icons for several popular apps.
  • One mobile app for overall control: This band only connects with the specified mobile application. You can gain overall control or check the functioning of the band from a single application.


  • The display is vivid and bright enough for usage in sunlight.
  • Consistent notifications
  • SPO2 monitoring
  • Stylish design


  • Sleep tracking is not so accurate.
  • Battery life is not so satisfying.
  • No automatic workout tracking.
  • Complicated for IOS.

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  1. Samsung Galaxy Fit2 Smart Band

The 3999 Samsung galaxy fit 2 is a great value from the enormous company Samsung. It is expensive but has tons of great features. If you’d like simple daily activity tracking, you’d like a simple daily-use wearable, and that’s where the Samsung Galaxy Fit 2 comes in. This fitness band includes all the essential features of a fitness tracker and 15 days battery copy also puts it in the wear and forget category. it’s Bluetooth syncing feature alongside the battery.

samsung  Fitness Band To Buy 2021

  • Amoled Display: Better visibility to stay you moving with no interruption. This fitness band helps you retain your rhythm and your style. the utilization of a color screen makes the Galaxy Fit 2 far more attractive, and more interesting to look at, than the boring monochrome LCDs found on simple Fitbits. It’s quite easy to miss the button initially because the skinny outline supplying you with slightly about where to press disappears in many lighting conditions.
  • Thin comfortable Design: At a thickness of just 11.1mm, Galaxy Fit2 is slimmer and easier than the Galaxy Fit. It’s truly the last word fitness tracker, ready to take your comfort and elegance to a replacement level.
  • Water Resistance: This band is made to suit your active lifestyle. Galaxy Fit2 is formed as tough as you’re. Water-resistant up to 50m with 5ATM certification, allows you to push yourself through workouts.
  • Battery Life: Up to 15 days of battery with typical usage

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  • Slim design with a stunning curved AMOLED display.
  • GPS and pulse monitoring.
  • Storage for up to 1000 songs.


  • Short battery life as compared to similar brands.
  • Pulse accuracy fluctuations during workouts.

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 Conclusion Of Fitness Band To Buy

Every company offers something different from its competitors. Now you can easily pick the desired fitness band for maintaining your body healthy to Fitness Band To Buy